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The Pilates By Bryony Mat

The Pilates By Bryony Mat

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The iconic Pilates By Bryony mat is designed to support your workouts, time after time. With a 4mm cushion anti slip surface, this mat offers a premium and transformative environment for your practice. This mat is made to travel. Its curved edges have been carefully designed for packing into a suitcase, making it easy for your mat to come with you, wherever you are.

  • Premium quality 
  • Matte finish
  • Made for all workout types
  • Non - slip
  • 185x68x4mm
  • Includes carry strap


    Care instructions:
    - Mat is not machine washable.
    - To care for your mat, wipe with a damp microfibre cloth using warm soapy water.
    - Always roll up your mat after use, with the logo facing outwards.
    - Protect your mat by practicing with clean hands and feet. - To avoid staining the mat, avoid lotions and jewellery on the mat.


    - Vegan PU
    - Rubber

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